Founder's Wardrobe Series | Kelly Atkinson

Styling secrets from the Showroom-X founder

1. How would you describe your personal style?

Very minimalist. Clean tailored lines. Timeless cuts and easy-to-wear silhouettes.

2. What are your tips for creating timeless looks?

Knowing your body, and what works for you is far more important than what’s on “trend”. If you can invest in quality pieces you will always be able to resell your pieces later. Invest more – In less. I stand by that always.

3. What are three essential items anyone should have in their wardrobe?

A great black tailored pant. You can dress up with an occasion top or a plain tee for everyday wear.
The perfect T-shirt. This is essential for everyone & everyday wear. Not too sheer – good cut to your arm length & know your body shape. It can take a while but it’s worth the hunt. In saying that,  I think I have 10 white t-shirts & I wear them all! Each of them serves a different purpose in my wardrobe.

4. Tips on finding treasures in the pre-loved market?

There are so many great apps and sites just focused on circularity and pre-loved pieces now – Like Airrobe! I let technology do the hard work and just look over the sites that I know have my style.

5. What's your go-to effortless look?

Casual – denim on denim I do love a Canadian suit.

6. Tips for dressing when travelling?

Stick to the same colour palette for your core wardrobe pieces. This gives you a solid foundation and makes styling outfits so easy.Almost everything I have is black – then I add in some white & denim so that whatever way I wear it … it all works. I can literally grab any 10 things from my wardrobe and they all work back with each other.

7. What's your favourite fashion trend right now?

I don’t do trends. I buy for my body – my life and my style. I believe you always look amazing if you look like YOU!If you feel comfortable and beautiful you will always be happy – and what’s more attractive than a happy person! Energy is everything x

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