Powering the future of sustainable fashion.

AirRobe is the world-first technology solution that connects brands and customers to the circular fashion economy, in one click.
Enter Re-commerce

No set up cost & access in seconds

Increase Revenue

Lift average basket, conversion & loyalty

Sustainability Reporting

Environmental impact & customer insights

What is AirRobe?

AirRobe partners with brands globally to give their customers seamless access to the circular fashion economy.

The Circular Wardrobe™
Your Circular Wardrobe™ is a digital collection of items you’re end-customer has purchased enabling them to easily choose to resell, rent, donate or recycle later in seconds.

Buy Better. Resale Later. Consciously Repeat.

Why join the Circular Economy?
At AirRobe, we care about fashion and the planet. Our mission is to create a world where both can thrive. However, today the fashion industry is one of the world’s most polluting and contributes to 10% of the globe’s total CO2 emissions1.
Your Customers Care
of customers plan to shift their spend to more sustainable brands1
The average millennial intends to re-sell 80% of their fashion purchases2 
The Market is changing
Re-sale market growth over the next 5 years3
shoppers in the U.S. tried reselling for the first time in 2021 compared to 16 million in 20204
1, 2, 3 Business of Fashion, 2022
3 Forbes, 2022
4 Global Data 2022, Market Sizing and Growth Estimates - USA

Why partner with AirRobe?
As an AirRobe Circular Partner, we offer you a zero-touch, low-cost technology product to enter the circular economy. 

Integrating with our product delivers what current customers need and future consumers will demand - conscious, more responsible fashion.
  • An end-to-end circular solution 
  • Unlock and service a growing conscious consumer base
  • Control and elevate your brand in the re-sale market
  • Environmental impact reporting and insights
  • 20-35% increase in average order value5
  • 15% conversion lift5
  • 2x increase customer frequency5+6
  • Reduce your Scope 3 emissions and after-market waste
5 Average uplift across current AirRobe brand partners. Business metric uplifts are measured against AirRobe customers Vs non-AirRobe customers 
6 An AirRobe customer is twice as likely to return to a partner website in the following 90 days post-purchase Vs a non-AirRobe customer.
Import Past Orders
Users can now add their past orders from their favourite brands to AirRobe in seconds.

We already made adding new purchases to AirRobe easy, but now users can add all their past purchases from their favourite brands to their AirRobe Circular Wardrobe™ in seconds too.

It’s fast and easy, no engineering work on your end. AirRobe will set live our past orders integration in minutes, instantaneously making your consumers’ past orders accessible through our AirRobe Circular Wardrobe™.

Consumers are not the only one to benefit - by enabling past orders, our brand partners unlock a revenue share for items sold through AirRobe’s designer marketplace.

Join the Circular Economy

Interested in becoming an AirRobe Circular Partner? Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.