AirRobe is the new pre-loved centralised designer platform that makes buying and selling your clothes more easily than ever with our Circular Wardrobe™ technology. We do this by connecting brands and customers to the circular economy in one click. AirRobe removes the traditional frustrations of buying and selling preloved, removing the manual listing process entirely. Our connected resale experience is entirely seamless.

We exist to revolutionise the way you consume clothing and create a world where fashion and our planet can thrive.

Why we're different

We’ve partnered with your favourite brands so you can save your purchased item details and imagery to your own AirRobe Circular Wardrobe. Just think of it like your new virtual wardrobe, with all your purchases from your favourite brands saved in one place. This means we’re able to remove the manual listing process for you, so you can resell, rent or recycle your items in seconds.

We have a responsibility to do more.

We are on a mission to make repurposing your wardrobe accessible and easy - driving the sustainable fashion movement.

Why we care

We are facing a waste crisis. As consumers, we are buying more and wearing less. The Fashion industry emits over 10% of annual global CO2 emissions* and 87% of all manufactured worn textiles end up in landfill^.We have a responsibility to do more. Our job is to make it easy for you to play your part. 

*^World Bank Group, 2019

What is the circular fashion economy

The circular fashion economy is a market embodying the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. It supports the production of quality fashion items designed to last and relies on systems to enable them to live on. Circular fashion can be reused, repaired multiple times and eventually recycled.

How AirRobe Works
1. Shop as usual
With one of our Circular Brand Partners. We will show you an estimated resale price on eligible products on their website.

2. Add to AiRobe in one click
All product detail and imagery will be saved to your digital Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe. Simply set up your account post purchase if you haven’t used AirRobe before.

3. Resell, rent or recycle later
Customers are invited to “Add to AirRobe” from a brand's product page. All product detail and imagery are saved to their own digital Circular Wardrobe™ on AirRobe. 

4. Resell, rent or recycle later in seconds
Once you’ve worn and loved an item, easily list it on the AirRobe pre-loved designer marketplace from your Circular Wardrobe in seconds.  

Because we already have your purchased product’s details, the listing experience is only a few clicks. 
- We’ll even give you a recommended real-time resale price as you list.
- You'll only be prompted to add extra photos or detail if you indicate the item has signs of wear.

And yes, you can manually add items to AirRobe if you’d like.   

No fee to add. No commitment.
Our Circular Partners
A message from our Founder

"We created AirRobe to aid the waste crisis. We’re making headway with our solutions to intercept a very real global problem. While our technology enables seamless, easy access to the circular economy, we can’t do this without you, our Conscious Community. Together I believe we can help reshape a world where consumption of fashion and the environment can thrive in unison.

We hope you join us on this journey to making fashion more sustainable."

Hannon Comazzetto

CEO & Founder, AirRobe