AirRobe at Vogue Codes

It was a privilege to attend #VogueCodes today as guests of Vogue Australia. Hosted by Edwina McCann, our own Beth Glancey joined the honourable Julie Bishop and Fang Chen to discuss their roles as leading women in tech and how they're working to reshape our future.

Discussing the intersection of technology and fashion, our three key takeouts were:

1. To achieve real change, the business models of tomorrow need to be reimagined and reset to align with sustainability at the core. We can’t rely on moments of genius, especially in siloed offshoots.

2. Women leading STEM disciplines on mass is the future. The uptake of women in these industries and the diversity they bring is already driving the calibre of output to new heights.

3. The conversation regarding textile production needs to change. It's should be how can we avoid the problem with technology, before we need to solve the problem with technology.