5 Benefits of Listing Products Online

When it comes to listing products online the benefits can seem almost endless, and that’s because they typically are. Whether you are selling a designer handbag or renting out a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, the benefits of listing online range far beyond just a monetary insensitive. 

The options of whether to rent or re-sell items online, share a distinct similarity in that both provide the lister with one or more benefits. 
From reducing clutter to contributing less to landfill, below are five of the most rewarding ways listing products online can benefit both you and the environment. 

Sustainably Friendly

Listing items online is without a doubt, one of fashions more sustainably savvy options – as opposed to blatantly disposing of garments which you no longer want nor need. 

Aiming to assist in reducing the thousands of garments entering our landfill each and every day, online listing is significantly beneficial to our environment and local ecosystems. 

Re-selling and renting pre-loved items online also provides another individual the opportunity to enjoy, wear or use the items you no longer want nor need. Serving to support a more circular fashion economy, listing pre-loved items online is and remains to be one of the most important steps in reducing landfill.

Reduces Wardrobe Clutter

There’s no denying it, listing products online can and will assist in decluttering an over-crowded wardrobe. Removing items which no longer spark joy, not only provides more space within your wardrobe and home, but assists in identifying what your wardrobe is lacking, or over filled with.  

Listing and selling garments as you decide you no longer want them, avoids not only a pile of clutter but the stress associated with selling numerous items all at once. The pressure to sell or rent out a large number of garments all at once, can often seem overwhelming and quite a task. Therefore, we suggest listing garments throughout the year rather than at the end of a season, proving for an easy and stress-free listing experience.  

Free Of Charge 

One significant benefit of listing items online, is that it typically does not cost a cent. Although select platforms may charge consumers with a small listing fee, the majority of those developed in Australia do not. Unlike selling garments in a physical store with operating hours, listing items online provides users with the option to sell and rent garments at any time, from any location, free of charge. Digitally listing items is also an easy and inexpensive option for sellers who cannot afford to sell their items at a pre-loved retail market or store.  

Ability To Target A Mass Audience 

One of the primary advantages of listing and selling items via an online marketplace is that listers will be instantly connected to a large community of consumers. Listing items online enables the lister to target specific individuals, through various online marketplace filters. Utilising online marketplaces when renting and re-selling items, also assists in providing a safe space where listers and buyers can develop a trusting relationship.  

With the number of listing platforms only increasing, many listers are now utilising the reach and features of not one but multiple online marketplaces. Re-selling and renting out items can often be a waiting process, online interest can vary depending on the item and it’s price, so as a as a lister, it is crucial you aim to target as many interested online shoppers as possible. 
This can be done by utilising marketplace filter features, dropping the price, selecting great listing images and providing a clear and honest item description. 

Achieved Sense of Accomplishment 

Similar to completing or achieving other mundane tasks and daily goals, listing, renting and selling  items online can positively impact both your mental wellbeing and overall sense of achievement. The act of giving a pre-loved item a new life, passing on the item to someone who otherwise may have been unable to afford it, is a rewarding deed for both yourself and the buyer.


Written by Phoebe Blogg.