AirRobe and Patricia Voto have partnered to exclusively launch ONE/OF by Patricia Voto into the circular economy.
Our partnership now enables ONE/OF’s conscious clients to save a garment to their own digital wardrobe when purchasing so they can easily resell, rent or donate it later – in seconds. The entire experience is seamlessly centralised in AirRobe’s platform post-purchase.
In a fitting tribute to Patricia Voto’s ethical practices and truly luxurious designs, AirRobe is honoured to sponsor ONE/OF at its debut NYFW showcase. From Fashion Week onwards, clients will have the opportunity to buy or rent ONE/OF’s pre-loved garments on the AirRobe marketplace.
What is AirRobe
AirRobe is a world-first technology, enabling premium fashion brands and their clients to participate in the circular economy with just one click. The revolutionary end-to-end circular solution goes to the heart of what consumers need and demand: brand-led conscious fashion.
How AirRobe Works1. Shop with any AirRobe Brand Partner
2. Add to AirRobe in one click
3. Resell, rent or recycle from your AirRobe Circular Wardrobe™ in seconds

Buy Better. Resell Later. Consciously Repeat.
Explore ONE/OF's Circular Collection
The collection is now available.
A message from our
Founder & CEO
“ONE/OF by Patricia Voto embodies circular fashion. We couldn’t be prouder to unite and support ONE/OF in their inaugural NYFW showing. The circular economy relies on premium, high-quality brands creating fashion that can live on. With foundational partnerships like this, we hope to help reshape a world where consumption and the environment can thrive in unison.  Join us on this journey to making fashion more sustainable.”

– Hannon Comazzetto